/Codes Of Money Hypnosis

Codes Of Money Hypnosis

~ Akanksha Redhu ~

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Manifest More Money with EASE


Hi my beautiful soul,


Most folks consciously want to manifest more money, but subconsciously have limiting beliefs that actually repel money from manifesting.


This powerful recording is going to help you reprogram your subconscious mind to start attracting more abundance into your life - the MOMENT you start listening to it


The fact that you are here, having invested in yourself and your expansion - that has already shifted your vibrational frequency and magnetized you to receive more abundance. The Universe sees you and responds to this energy by supporting you in your desires.


💫 Listen to this everyday for minimum 30 days


💫 As you go to sleep at night and/or as you are waking up in the morning for 30 days


💫 WITH HEADPHONES, not speakers


💫 This powerful hypnosis recording will reprogram your subconscious mind and help you manifest more money into your life


💫 This recording has been created & birthed in a high frequency state, on a New Moon day to harness the powerful manifesting energies of the new moon AND in a Reiki blessed container. It carries within it the potent freqeuncy of magnetism and abundance


💫 Allow yourself to be guided by my voice & surrender to the deep Theta waves & binaural beats that enable the re-wiring of your subconscious mind


💫 Deep breathing while listening to this recording will amplify & increase your freqeuncy to absorb these universal codes


💫 As you listen to this recording more & more, start to notice how the topic of money, investing, conversations around money and money itself starts showing up in your life and surroundings more & more. Notice the little signs & synchronicities. This means you are on the aligned path


Together we all raise our frequency and receive the limitless energy of money into our lives - in our highest good, and for the greater good of all <3


Love & Blessings,


Key Highlights

Please do not listen to the track while driving or operating machinery


Codes Of Money with Akanksha Hypnosis Recording


Can I listen to the recording anytime during the day?

Yes. Please make sure you are not driving or operating heavy machinery while you do.

Can I listen to it after eating food


About the creator

About the creator

~ Akanksha Redhu ~

Akanksha is a Breathwork Coach, Reiki Level II Energy Healer & Sacred Ceremony enthusiast. Breathwork has completely transformed the quality of her life and over time, brought her back home to her body, given her a sense of connection & purpose, strengthened her intuition & allowed her to claim her power, take charge of her life, do meaningful work, step into her freedom & accelerate her personal growth.

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